Rishi Shri Rajivji’s Teachings:



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"Divine Romance": 



God is not the outcome of a spiritual practice or meditation.


What we can experience after leaving the form,
we can experience now also.

We want to change our situations,
we don’t want to change our vision.

Suffering only happens to mind,
not to body, not to soul.


There is no freedom because there is no bondage.


The absolute is everywhere;
the problem is that we want to connect with it.


I am the thinker, not the thought. 

The true spiritual experience is to
experience the experiencelessness
of the experiencer.

Death is a concept.
What perishes is the form
and the identification with the form.
The body and the Self are imperishable.


At no single moment we are separated from God,
whether we accept it or not.


Consciousness is subject, world is object.
The subject you realize by dropping the effort.
Object you achieve by effort.
The mistake is that the spiritual seeker wants to achieve the subject.


Don’t run away from the world but wake up to the truth.


Seeing a cloud, we start doubting the presence of the sun.


Spirituality is to see the truth as that presents itself,
not as we want it to be.


We desire spiritual entertainment and not silence,
as silence is total lack of desire.


Wanting unconditional love is a very big condition.


Biggest mistake is that we refuse to learn and correct
ourselves spiritually because we think we know.


It is such a joy to give up your own enjoyment
for someone else’s joy.


Don’t live for your own selfish interest
and you experience silence of mind.


The Real God is overlooked in search of the conceptual God.


Mind is the demon.
Mind is the saint.