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Satsang DVD's, CD's en Mp3 files Satsang DVD's, CD's en Mp3 files

Satsang DVD's, CD's en Mp3 files are for sale for the following titles/dates.
(This list will be expanded over time.) 

2014 - 9 March:          The Truth about Tantra (Part 2)

2014 - 23 February:     The Truth about Tantra (Part 1)

2013 - 13 December:  Death is a concept

2013 - 28 September:  Divine Romance

2013 - 6 January:        Only the mind needs to get enlightened.

2012 - 6 May:              Things are meant to be.

2011 - 10 Dec.:           Detailed explanation of how kharma works.

2002 - 14 Nov.:            Sufi Teachings: 3 journeys of the soul:
                                     from God to man - from man to God - from God into God 

2001 – 4 April:             Caste system; how social systems are misunderstood and
                                     how mind wants control.

2001 – 23 March:        What is love? What is not love?  
                                     The one who drowns in the river of love, goes across.

2000 – 28 Oct.:            The war inside ourselves. Don’t lose the battle which you
                                     have already won. You are the winner, not the looser
                                     Spiritual tradition; importance is to spirituality, not to tradition


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