3 March 2013

Rajivji says:

In the realm of love, 
the rules are bizarre: 
fishes drown in the river 
and the river sinks 
in the boat.



2 Organizations have been created to support Rishi Shri Rajivji's travels and Satsangs:

-        "Satsang met Rajiv Misra" in the Netherlands/Holland, Europe
-        "SSC", Seattle Spiritual Community in Seattle, WA & Hawaii, USA

Contact in the Netherlands
Kamala (C.A.M.) de Wit
E-mail:    kamaladewit@hotmail.com
Phone:     06 1541 6299  or
              +31615416299 (calling outside of Netherlands)(CEST time)
              (you can ask Kamala for Guruji's phone number)

Contacts in USA:

Port Townsend, WA:
Priti (Claudia) Townsan
E-mail: cltownsan@gmail.com
Phone: +1 206-550-6002 (PST time)

Seattle, WA:
Happy Mike Riggins:
E-mail: happymike0000@yahoo.com

Hari (Frank) Austin:
E-mail:  faustin@expedia.com
Phone: +1 425 208 9788 (PST time)

Kema Nash
E-mail: omkema@kemakama.com